Looking for spiritual guidance from an experienced reader? This tarot card reading is delivered via email within 48 hours of ordering.

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Tarot Reading With Email Delivery

When you are looking to get spiritual guidance through a tarot reading, email delivery can be an amazing way to get an answer quickly and thoroughly. From the time the reading is requested until the email arrives is typically less than 48 hours. Please leave your detailed question in your order notes along with your preferred email address to receive your reading.

Once I receive your request, I’ll meditate on it for a bit to be sure I understand exactly what you are asking. If for some reason I can’t seem to connect to your energy, I may reach out to you to schedule a zoom call (which can be done with voice only and anonymous if you are more comfortable with that.) It’s rare that this will occur, but I can also offer this as an option for your reading delivery if you prefer.

What Tarot Deck Do You Use?

I have been using the Rider-Waite deck for over 15 years. It is the one I am most comfortable with, and your reading will typically be 3-5 cards depending on your question. You will receive a photo of your cards and then the explanation in the email.

Please keep in mind that for readings about specific relationships or sensitive topics, I can not tell you what to do or exactly what is going to happen. I can simply give you guidance based on the path you are already on. 

Looking for Spell Candles?

If you are looking for specific spellwork, I highly recommend creating a custom candle with some of the herb add ins or flower add ins. You could also add any crystals or gemstones.